Sexy Sleepwear

Amazing sexy sleepwear

Not all sleepwear is created equal! My last girlfriend wouldn’t ever wear anything like this, she also didn’t have this type of body! The last girl that was in my bed did wear something this sexy, purple and black lace panties, and nothing else. Man she had the most amazing tits! They were firm, perky, and there for me to play with! My last girlfriend was about as sexual as a nun. She would rather read and let me play with her tits than have any interaction. Apparently after ditching me she found most guys weren’t willing to put up with that, and I was in it because I thought she was a person I could spend my life with, not just fuck. I think she has gained about 30 lbs since we broke up, and she wasn’t skinny before that! She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t in great shape. To be fair, I’m not exactly in great shape either, but I’m so tall I carry it a lot different.

Cute Little Dress

Cassidy Cole takes off her dress has an amazing ass

Those are some amazing cheeks! I could leave a perfect hand print on each one of them.

Sexy Kendra Selfies

Selfies of sexy teen model

I have been getting selfies from one of the most amazingly beautiful girls I have ever met. She has been sending them to me while she is on vacation, and she is rocking out one amazing bikini. Actually the bikini is just plain, it’s her that is so amazing and makes it worth looking at. I’m hoping she is as into me as I am into her, she is sweet, smart, thoughtful, and incredibly stunningly beautiful. I don’t know what the hell she sees in me, I hope whatever it is, she continues to see it.

She Is 20, But Tiny!

cowgirl dressed up and then undressed

Most the girls I post are in their early twenties. I don’t lie about that. I shoot for about 18-24 to be my range. Limiting myself to only 18 and 19 year olds would get really tough. Samantha Rone is a perfect example of this. She is over 20, but she has a tiny petite body, that is firm and perky just like a 18 year old!

Minimal Updates

I took my laptop in to have the display replaced, so for the next 1-2 weeks updates will be minimal. The display had burn in and my warranty was about to run out, so I had to get it fixed now. I still have multiple computers, and draft posts ready to go, but it’s not as convenient to use my ipad or desktop, so it might be a bit sparse until I get it back.

Thanks for sticking with me,

Perfect Smooth Skin

Smooth tan skin and sexy lingerie

These could be the new sexiest bra and panties ever!

Amazing Ass

Misty Gates amazing ass on camera

This is such a weird gallery, you just need to check it out. I love this thong, her ass is just amazing!

Aubrey Addams In Pink

Aubrey Addams in her bra and panties

I love this little bra and panty set. It’s really cute! I know it doesn’t look like it but she has had her boobs done. I think she really did the right size, not too big, just sexy!

Shiny New Thong

And a shiny thong

This would make me pop in less than a second. Check out the rest of the gallery, she has this sexy black and shiny silver thong on. If a girl came into my bedroom wearing that, bent over and I saw the sparkle of that thong, I could just go to sleep because I would have just gotten off!

I Met Another Pornstar

I met pornstar Spencer Sage last night. She is a very sweet girl. I sat and talked with her for a while about her experience in the business, and she even danced for me. I have made it a point of keeping my identity fairly anonymous, that is never posting pictures of myself, and never using my real name. Anyone with any sort of technical background could get my information really easily, but it’s easier not to be known as the porn site owner in some circles.

I am going to get some pictures of her, maybe a few with me if she will allow it, and post them here!