Ready For Bed

Teen on all fours in bed

With breasts like this, bending over or on all fours just isn’t fair to men. If you found this in your bed when you got home, tell me truthfully you wouldn’t do anything she said. And I do mean ANYTHING.


Suspenders holding back her beautiful breasts

Hailey Leigh doesn’t have the biggest breasts, but this set, they look absolutely amazing. The combination of the bra, tank top, and suspenders is just sexy.

Tight Little Package

Super tight teen babe

I don’t think jean jackets ever looked good before. Maybe the tiny lace thong has something to do with it. Having lived through the 80′s I remember denim jackets actually being fashionable for people other than hipsters. It was a tragic decade. Hailey Leigh has the ability to make even the terrible fashion of the 80′s sexy.

Pushed Up And Together

Amazing squished breasts

Shaved Teen Lesbians

Sexy shaved lesbian teens

Three of my favorite words, Shaved, Lesbian, Teens.

My last post of the Slender Girl Showering was so amazing I almost hate to push it down with a new post. I guess if I had to push her down, a pair of shaved lesbians is at least a good reason.

Slender Girl Showering

Beautiful girl takes a shower

I have never heard of this girl before, her name is Tiffany Thomson. She really is quite striking. Her whole look is striking. She is long and slender, everything tight and perky, and a quite beautiful face as well.

Pretty In Pink

I want to get in the pink

What amazing legs. She really has those amazing breasts that you can just cup and they fill your hands.

Sexy Nighty

Lexi in her lace nighty

I love these slip nighty things! They hug the body, tease you with some see through, and are easy to rip off!

Some Memories

Blonde teen in a tight blue dress

My last serious girlfriend, before she lost her mind and decided she wanted to be a bikers whore, I took to a symphony. She wore a very pretty blue dress like this. Of course she didn’t look as good as Sophia Winters. She was very pretty, I found her quite attractive, however since we split she has really gone down hill. She looks like hell. The last time I ran into her it looked like she had put on 20lbs. I can’t say I feel bad, I took care of her, made sure she was loved, and left me on the advice of a religious zelot brother, a best friend that can’t have a healthy relationship with a man so doesn’t want any of her friends to, and a male friend who was just there for her, i.e. the biggest pussy hound I have ever met. She didn’t put out and he was gone.

Oh well, fuck her.

Sexy Sleepwear

Amazing sexy sleepwear

Not all sleepwear is created equal! My last girlfriend wouldn’t ever wear anything like this, she also didn’t have this type of body! The last girl that was in my bed did wear something this sexy, purple and black lace panties, and nothing else. Man she had the most amazing tits! They were firm, perky, and there for me to play with! My last girlfriend was about as sexual as a nun. She would rather read and let me play with her tits than have any interaction. Apparently after ditching me she found most guys weren’t willing to put up with that, and I was in it because I thought she was a person I could spend my life with, not just fuck. I think she has gained about 30 lbs since we broke up, and she wasn’t skinny before that! She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t in great shape. To be fair, I’m not exactly in great shape either, but I’m so tall I carry it a lot different.