Gamer Girl

Girl playing video games in her thong

What a beautiful ass! It was a joke with my friends and I when force feed back controllers came out and would vibrate that girls could get off using them. I guess it was only a matter of time before a girl figured it out too!

On The Glass

Hailey presses her tits and ass on the glass

I don’t usually like posting video grabs, but my enjoyment for tits and ass on glass won out.

Playing In The Rain

Getting tied up and getting off in the rain

I have never had sex in the rain, but Bailey looks like she would be into it.

Madden In Bed

Beautiful naked teen

I don’t know why, but this is a different looking picture of Madden, she looks so hot!

Shaved Redhead

red on the head and shaved pussy

I love big breasted red heads! They have light skin that just looks amazing.

Shaved Friends

Sexy shaved teen bodies

I want to take a top to bottom lick of these two!

Knees Socks And Thong

Tank top, thong, and knee socks

This has all sorts of sexy elements to it. I love the tank top with no bra. It’s a bit trashy, but really hot!

White Trash Bikini

How rednecks and white trash make their own bikinis

Maybe this should be the redneck bikini. I can’t imagine putting duct tape on my balls. The adhesive on the back of it irritates my skin something terrible, and I can’t imagine it wouldn’t rip hair and skin off! I would think putting it on such tender areas would be horribly painful.

Volcano National Park

sexy girls in national park

I have actually stood where this picture was taken in Hawaii. Although I was looking at my family and not a couple of hot girls. I was fairly young the last time I was in Hawaii, and the view is just as beautiful as I remember.

Sports Bras And Running Shorts

Sports bras

One of the few good things about living in a college town is the first few days after winter where it gets above 60 outside. The girls come out in droves in their really short shorts, sports bras, and running shoes to run around campus. Unfortunately I was an engineer in college and really didn’t get the courage to talk to girls like this until after I was out and making money and there were none around.