I Love Purple Lace

matching bra and panty setRock hard body and purple lace. Fucking sexy.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Slutty college girl

I’m a day late, I know. This reminds me of the only thing I miss about college. College girls.

Yoga Pants No Panties

Yoga pants worn the way they should be

Girls seems to be wearing yoga pants everywhere, even when they are completely inappropriate. They are amazing for hanging around the house, the gym, or going for a run. However girls are wearing these things at work! I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but most of them aren’t shaped like Cassidy Cole. It would still be inappropriate but at least I would enjoy looking at her. Now I have to look at fat asses with cellulite and panty lines making yoga pants scream and unpleasant.

Spring Time Is Yoga Pants Time!

Sexy girl in skin tight everything!

So far the best thing this spring has been the resurgence in skin tight clothing on the college girls. Aside from that, this spring/summer has been complete shit for me. Maybe I will meet a beautiful girl like this, fall in love, and have lots of babies! More than likely I will continue to be miserable, and have strippers filling the void of women who actually care about me.

What Am I Seeing

Dress like a crazy person

Apparently Sophia Winters has lost her mind! I don’t know what I am looking at, it’s sexy, but freaking crazy!

Teen Nighty

Tight teen body ready for bed

I love little white panties.

Golden Baby Doll

Golden baby doll

If you noticed her face, I have bad news for you…

A Perfect Morning

What an amazing beautiful girl

You could not get me out of bed for any amount of money!

Friendly Sleep Over

Latin girls sleeping together

This is what happens at sleep overs in my imagination.

Just Out Of The Shower

Emma Cross just out o fate shower

I encourage girls to take showers at my house, I love seeing them getting out in their towels.